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Patricia Fulton


Patricia Fulton devotes her practice to defending people accused of crimes. A graduate of the University of Washington School of Law, Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College, and recognized as a “Super Lawyer” by Washington Law and Politics, Patricia has earned a reputation as an articulate, thoughtful, and passionate advocate. In addition to memberships in multiple legal organizations including the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, Patricia works to improve our laws by volunteering with the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers' legislative committee. Patricia also served on the Board of Directors for the Citizens for Judicial Excellence and has worked to improve the quality of judges who preside over criminal cases. Patricia has received a 10 out of 10 and "Superb" rating by



Practice Areas

  • Criminal defense exclusively for entire career.


  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2008 to present.
  • Super Lawyer, Washington Law & Politics Magazine – 2012.
  • Rising Star, Washington Law & Politics Magazine – multiple years.
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2010.
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010.
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Washington State Paralegal Association, 2008.


  • Member, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 1999-present.  Actively involved with various committees including the WACDL Legislative Committee.
  • Board of Directors & Secretary, Citizens for Judicial Excellence, 2006–2011.
  • Member, Northwest Academy of DUI Defense, 2000–present.
  • Member, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, 2006–present.
  • Graduate, Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, 2002.

Speaking Engagements to Lawyers

  • Pre-Trial Motions, Defending DUIs, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, Dec. 2012.
  • DUI and Criminal Traffic for Beginners, Getting Started in Criminal Defense, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Sept. 2012.
  • Outgunned But Not Outwitted: DUI/DOL, Battle Plans for Misdemeanor Practice, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, March 2012.
  • DOL, IIL, IID and Impaired Driving FAQs, Washington Defenders Association, July 2011.
  • Ignition Interlock LIcenses and Ignition Interlock Devices, Associated Counsel for the Accused, March 2011.
  • The ABCs of DUI: IID/IIL/CDL and FAA, Defending DUIs, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, 2010.
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, The Defender Association, 2010.
  • Commercial Driver's License – On the Road Again, Defending DUIs, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, 2009.
  • Legislative Updates, District Court Defense, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2009.
  • Issue Spotting on Breath Test Cases, The Defender Association, 2008.
  • Turning the Cop Into Your Witness – Cross Examination, Defending DUIs, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, 2008.
  • The Civil Attorney's Field Guide to Criminal Defense in Washington State, Private Seminar for Civil Attorneys, 2008 to present.
  • Negotiating the CDL Minefield, Defending DUIs, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, 2006.
  • CDLs and DUIs – Disqualifications, Mastering Misdemeanors, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2006.
  • An Aggressive Ethical Defense, Defending DUIs, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, 2005.
  • Giving Advice to a Recently Arrested Driver – The 2 a.m. Phone Call, The Defender Association, 2002.


  • “Ignition Interlock Licenses and Ignition Interlock Devices.  New Legislation Brings Benefits (mostly).”  Washington Criminal Defense Magazine, April 2010.
  • “Breath Testing Science: Temperature Matters.” Washington Criminal Defense Magazine, May 2009.
  • “When is a ‘prior' not ‘prior' for DUI Sentencing?  RCW 46.61.5055.” WACDL DUI Newsletter, March 2006.
  • “Affidavits of Prejudice and SSHB 2557.” WACDL DUI Newsletter, May 2008.
  • “Consequences of DUI Arrests for Commercial Drivers: Loss of CDLs for Arrests While Driving Non-commercial Vehicles.” WACDL DUI Newsletter, March 2008.
  • “Traveling to Canada with DUIs.” WACDL DUI Newsletter, January 2007.
  • “Washington's New Ignition Interlock License.” WACDL DUI Newsletter, January 2009.
  • “The DOL Labyrinth: Basic Questions – Complicated Answers.” Washington Criminal Defense Magazine, 2004.
  • “The Civil Attorney's Field Guide to Criminal Defense in Washington State.”  2008.
  • “Commercial Driver's License Disqualifications in Washington State.” AVVO Legal Guide, 2008.

Legislative Work:

  • Member, Washington Association of Criminal Defense lawyers Legislative Committee, 2008 to present.
  • Involved in drafting 2SHB 2742 to improve Washington's Ignition Interlock License and DUI Penalties and Procedures.  2009-2010.
  • Participant in legislative working group involving changes to DV related legislation.  2010 to present.
  • Participant in legislative working group involving changes to DUI related legislation.  2009 to present.




Recent Blog Posts


  • Colleague Endorsement

    I endorse this lawyer's work. She is intelligent, personable, and reliable.
  • Patricia is "as good as it gets!"

    Was charged with a criminal offense involving domestic violence. It was a first offense and I needed support. I contacted Patricia based upon her very professional website and I discovered an attorney who did more than expected in defending me. Patricia Fulton is terrific and I don't believe she...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    I endorse this lawyer's work. Patricia is a hard working fierce advocate. I have been privileged enough to watch her at work in various courts, and I always learn something from her. I would not hesitate to vouch for her as a skilled and impressive attorney.
  • Colleague Endorsement

    Patricia works tirelessly for her clients. She never falters or gives up and the results are that she is extraordinarily successful as a criminal defense attorney.
  • Patricia, "You saved me!" Client facing DUI charge recommends Patricia Fulton.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Great work and professionalism. You saved me.
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    Patty is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely personable. She is zealous yet smooth in her approach with prosecutors, and continually gets awesome results for her clients. Patty is extremely well respected by her peers. I'm proud to have her as a friend.
  • Colleague Endorsement

    Ms. Fulton is a fabulous attorney. I have known Ms. Fulton for three years and have found her to be an extremely diligent and effective advocate for her clients. Her success rate is unmatched in our profession. I strongly and unequivocally endorse this lawyer's work.
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    I endorse this lawyer's work. I have known Patricia since my early years of practicing law in Seattle. I highly recommend her to anybody facing a criminal charge in Washington State.
  • Colleague Endorsement

    While working in the City of Shoreline, I met Patricia Fulton many times and had the pleasure of watching her work. She is a smart, aggressive attorney and I endorse this lawyer's work.
  • Cleint recommendation for Patricia Fulton.

    "Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts and you’re looking out for my best interest. And also your patience with me.”
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    Patricia Fulton is one fantastic lawyer. I am so grateful to be able to refer clients to her with confidence. DUI/DWI law is complicated and requires unwavering attention to the constant changes in statutes, regulations and court decisions. Patricia is on it, no question, and her clients get the ...
  • "Extremely Committed" says client recommneding Patricia

    I was criminally charged in a case that can best be called "bizarre". I had no prior criminal history and, quite suddenly, my livelihood and family were very much in jeopardy . Patricia was aggressive in my defense and clearly took a personal interest in my case. In the end, and solely because...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    I had the good fortune of working with Patty when I began my legal career. Much of what I have learned about practicing law can be attributed to what I have learned from watching Patty and learning from her work. She is an exceptional attorney with a tremendous base of knowledge.
  • Client recommends Patricia Fulton.

    "I just wanted to extend my gratitude for a job very well done in defending me against my charge. You immediately 'took the reigns' of what was an unusual case and thanks to your knowledge and aggressiveness you easily got the case dismissed. Well done. I assure you that if I were in need of a cr...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    It is an honor to be associated with Patricia as a fellow member of the legal community. I have known her for several years now and have had the opportunity to work with her when I prosecuted criminal cases. She is an excellent attorney who achieves the level of work that other attorneys aspire t...
  • Patricia was Professional and courteous.

    Ms. Fulton had been the first lawyer I have ever had to hire for services regarding the law. I found Ms. Fulton and the Law offices of Geoffrey Burg through extensive research. My initial desire and need was to find a firm that was the right fit for me and for my case. I found just that with Ms. ...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    Patricia is an outstanding attorney who has earned a superb and well-deserved reputation among her peers. She is relentless, thorough, and fights hard for her clients, producing results that make a difference in the lives of her clients. Highly recommended.
  • Colleague Endorsement

    Patty is a wonderful trial lawyer. She gets so much respect from prosecutors in the courtroom. Prosecutors appreciate her aggressiveness on behalf of her Client, but they don't get offended or take it personally. That is not always an easy thing to accomplish ! I have watched her many times take ...
  • "A lesson learned without a life ruined." Client recommendation of Patricia Fulton.

    "This is your career but each individual that you represent owes you so much. I can't thank you enough for the way you not only handled my case but the way you handled me. From the first cold call to the farewell yesterday you eased my concern with your positive and professional approach to '...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    Patricia is highly intelligent, attentive to client needs, and a heck of a trial attorney. I highly recommend her.
  • Client recommends Patricia Fulton.

    "Thank you for all your help and assistance during our meeting. I had plenty of questions that were conveniently answered during the talk we had. Thank you for being honest and comfortable to speak with.”
  • I'm so relieved I hired Patricia!

    I hired Patricia after I was arrested for Assault 4 with Domestic Violence since it happened with a family member. I spent 2 days in jail where the food was delicious, and my time was spent freestyle battling for street cred. After I was released from said paradise, I talked with her and she was ...
  • Very skilled and professional representation. Client recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    Patricia is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney who genuinely cares about her clients. She represented me in a DV case, and was skilled at negotiations with the prosecutor's office. In court, several people were impressed with her abilities and asked for her card. I have consulted her ...
  • Colleague Endorsement

    Ms. Fulton is the top western Washington DUI/DWI practitioner dealing with the complex area of commercial driver's license holders PERIOD. On those occasions that I handle a case involving such a license, I always consult with Ms. Fulton. I refer the majority of these cases directly to her. I hav...
  • Patricia is a "terrific attorney who backs up her reputation with amazing competence."

    I had never been involved in a criminal case before and did not know what to expect. I quickly learned that in domestic violence it's your word against the accuser and a whole lot is left to interpretation and perception. My circumstances - however unfair - put me in a very vulnerable position. P...
  • Above the call of duty. Recommendation for Patricia Fulton.

    "I thought it was about time I sent a little gratitude your way for helping me out last year. It was a difficult time for me both financially and emotionally and you went above the call of duty as far as helping me with my legal troubles as well as understanding where I was at. Thank you so v...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    I have had the pleasure of watching Patricia Fulton in court and in her office. She is an outstanding attorney who obtains great results on cases that many attorneys shy away from. She has a reputation as a skilled trial attorney that also achieves fantastic results in negotiations. Having Patric...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    I have had the pleasure of working with Patricia as a co-worker, as co-counsel and as counsel for joined co-defendants. Patricia is intelligent, articulate, and has a no-nonsense approach to her work. She does not fear trial and takes on new challenges with passion. As a result, she is one of the...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    Patricia is an excellent advocate for her clients. As a former prosecutor, I had a case where she was opposing counsel. I was and still am very impressed with her trial skills and her ability to persuade jurors.
  • Patricia is "one of the finest attorneys in Washington." -- Paul, client facing DV charge.

    Well I actually just got out of court about an hour ago and I just want to say that Patricia is absolutely amazing! I have been charged with a DV assault 4 that was absolutely bogus in the first place, but I personally care about my future and was not going to have this monkey on my back forever ...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    I have known Patty for more than a decade, and am certain that you will not find a more dedicated lawyer in Seattle. Intelligent, funny and fantastic with a jury!
  • Colleague Endorsement

    I have known Patricia for several years. She is a talented, skilled, and knowledgeable attorney and one of the most effective DUI trial lawyers I know. I highly endorse Patricia and would recommend her to anyone I know.
  • Problem and stress free.

    Patricia was always attentive to my matter at hand and made everything go very problem and stress free.
  • Understood me!

    Patricia was not only a lawyer but someone who understood where I was coming from.
  • Thank you!

    Thank you for your non-judgmental handling of my case. I felt enough remorse myself, that it was a relief not to be reminded all the time of my lack of judgment. I hope I don't have friends in a similar situation, but I would certainly refer you if they had a need. Thank you again!
  • "I wouldn't have wanted anybody else!"

    Patricia represented my case in the most professional confident way possible. I never questioned Patricia's ability to represent me. In fact, after seeing other cases in the court room I wouldn't have wanted anybody else.
  • "Excellent Attorney." Client Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    If you’re reading this posting, you or someone you know is probably in a tough spot. After recently having my first experience with the legal system, I can sympathize with how you’re feeling. You’re probably scared, upset with yourself, and unsure what your next step should be. Nonetheless, you n...
  • Colleague Endorsement

    Patricia really fights for her clients. She is not a lawyer who takes the easy "deal", but rather her focus is always on fighting to obtain the best possible results for her clients. I highly recommend her services.
  • Appreciated non-judgmental attitude!

    I appreciated Patricia's non-judgmental attitude and willingness to pursue the best possible outcome under the circumstances.
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    Without hesitation, I recommend Patricia to clients and friends in need of DUI/DWI and related criminal defense matters. She is compassionate, tough, realistic, respected, creative, intelligent and kind: all of the attributes you need in your defense lawyer. She and her office staff and colleague...
  • Peer Recommendation for Patricia Fulton

    As a person seldom accused of being at a loss for words, it's really hard to ad to the praises of other attorneys who have already endorsed Patricia's work. I've been in this business a long time, and have seen attorneys with talent who don't work hard, and others who work hard with little talent...
  • Above the call of duty. Recommendation for Patricia Fulton.

    "I thought it was about time I sent a little gratitude your way for helping me out last year. It was a difficult time for me both financially and emotionally and you went above the call of duty as far as helping me with my legal troubles as well as understanding where I was at. Thank you so v...
  • Client recommends Patricia Fulton.

    "I am in appreciation of your quick thinking on your feet, thank you so much for being there for me. ... I am very impressed with your legal counsel and positive actions in the courtroom, thanks again.”
  • License problems fixed. Client recommends Patricia Fulton

    Patricia was great in assisting me in getting my drivers license back.
  • "Best of the best!" Client recommends Patricia Fulton

    Personally and Professionally there is none better than Patricia. Within minutes of my consultation call she relaxed my stressed mind by informing me of the penalties I could face and then the path that we would pursue. She totally took charge of my case and kept me informed of its status. Her ex...
  • Client with DUI case highly recommends Patricia

    “If you’re searching for a lawyer, just stop and pick her! I would highly recommend Patricia for your case. Patricia will help you make the best of a bad situation.”
  • Client with career at risk recommends Patricia Fulton

    Charged with DUI, I got the best possible outcome I could see, kept my license and reduced to Neg 1. Even though I talked too much to the police about a prior arrest 9 years ago. Patty was understanding, very informed and acted quickly and competently in my case. Even after the DOL screwed up and...
  • Client with DUI charge "could not have asked for a better attorney" than Patricia.

    “From the start Patricia was up front and honest about everything that was going to happen and what my options were. She was available for ANY questions or concerns that I had and kept me informed every step of the way. Patricia worked with the prosecutor with some information that may have...
  • Excellent DUI Attorney. Client recommendation of Patricia Fulton

    I visited Patricia last year after getting pulled over for a DUI. As a benefit to my employment with a large corporation, I have a group legal plan that entitles me to (almost) free legal representation through a certain set of attorneys. After consulting with 3 different lawyers who were part of...
  • Client recommends Patricia Fulton

    "I was truly at the bottom of my life when we first met, and I can't tell you how much your straightforward, practical advice helped. I'm so thankful that I followed your advice, and I'm of course, delighted with the outcomes you were able to accomplish on my behalf. Such outcomes don't happen wi...
  • Patricia is an "absolute expert regarding DUI guidance and defense." Recommendation from client.

    “If you choose to work with Patricia, you will find a sincere, bright, competent, attorney, one who is ethically grounded, and willing to ask the tough questions. If you work hard for her, she will work even harder for you! Patricia is a real champion in her field. You will be doing your...
  • Client recommends Patricia as a "reliable and experienced attorney."

    I worked for Patricia for 10 months and the outcome of my situation couldn’t have turned out better. My DUI charge was reduced to Reckless Driving because of her creative thinking, knowledge of the law and her tenacity to try the case until the very end. She challenged the prosecuters on se...
  • "A highly skilled, knowledgeable, and thorough attorney." Client recommends Patricia Fulton

    I was arrested for DUI on a weekend in early March of 2008. It was a second DUI, so I was in legal territory that was unfamiliar to me. I was in crisis, and was anticipating that my personal and professional lives would be disrupted in catastrophic ways. In short, I was afraid. By the time I m...
  • Professionalism and adocacy made the difference. Client recommends Patricia Fulton

    "Getting the DUI was my wake up call to start on the road to taking my life back into my own control. Your professionalism and advocacy gave me the encouragement I needed as I began this process."
  • Thanks from a client's parents. Recommendation for Patricia Fulton.

    "I wanted to thank you for shepherding us through this situation with our son. It is a difficult but necessary learning experience for all of us. Knowing that we have your counsel and expertise is a great comfort, and for that we are truly grateful.”
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