Client Reviews

I'm so relieved I hired Patricia!

I hired Patricia after I was arrested for Assault 4 with Domestic Violence since it happened with a family member. I spent 2 days in jail where the food was delicious, and my time was spent freestyle battling for street cred. After I was released from said paradise, I talked with her and she was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful so I hired her. She was flexible with my payment method. She was very informative and emailed me with any information she received from the prosecutor once she took on my case. Once she had all the information I met with her in her office and went over the options that would be the best in regards to my legal situation before court. Luckily, the prosecutor dismissed my case and everything was thrown out. As an added bonus, Patricia told me I didn't have to pay the remaining balance on my bill since she didn't have to do any additional negotiations with the prosecution as expected. Relieving me of this financial obligation proves to me that she was doing this for my best interest, and not for financial gain which was a great feeling. She easily could have emailed me and reminded me of the additional fee I owed, but she didn't. To me, that proved her high level of integrity and I was so glad knowing that was the ending note. I know the outcome of my case would have been drastically different if I had represented myself, had a court appointed attorney, or hired another attorney. I'm so relieved everything worked out and would highly recommend Patricia to anybody dealing with any Assault or DV cases. She was on point!!
– Tim