Washington State Criminal Case Results

City of Burien v. B.K

Charges: Reckless driving

Outcome: Negligent driving second degree (civil infraction)

Description: Client was accused of racing another vehicle on residential streets with speeds up to 80 mph.  Quickly pulled over and admitted to this.  Given the client's lack of criminal history the prosecutor was willing to amend to the civil infraction up completion of a defensive driving class, court costs, and other standard conditions.  This kept the criminal offense of reckless driving off of his record.

Court: City of Burient

Geoffrey Burg

Geoffrey Burg is a highly rated criminal defense attorney. Geoff has over 18 years experience defending people, writing legal publications and is a regular presenter at continuing legal education seminars. Geoff also lobbies on behalf of WACDL for people accused of crimes and fought for several bills to protect the rights of people accused of crimes.