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We have helped hundreds of people who are in a similar situation to you fight their charges.
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We Help People Facing Criminal Charges in Washington State

Geoffrey Burg and Jason Lantz are well-known and respected attorneys within the Seattle, Washington state area. Through their years in practicing law, they have built strong relationships with people in every aspect of the criminal justice system and utilize them when advocating for their clients in the process.

Contact Us for Help

If you think that we can help you with criminal charges you are facing, please call us to set up an in-person meeting. During our free initial consultation, you will be asked questions both about the incident and your  background. We will also take time to answer your questions – whatever they might be.

We will not try to “hard sell” you to hire us. We know choosing an attorney is a big decision and one you must make carefully – not under pressure. Because an effective attorney-client relationship requires a lot of communication and trust, we really only want to represent people who feel comfortable with us and have complete confidence in our abilities.


Facing a Criminal Charge in Washington State?

Give Us A Call: 206-467-2607

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