Students and the Law - Know the consequences before you act.

"You guys were terrific!"

You guys were terrific! We’re getting very appreciative comments from parents and inquiries from other schools. Thanks so much for an important and informative evening.

Students and the Law

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What you and your teen should know about your teen's legal rights and responsibilities.

It comes as no surprise that teenage drinking, partying and drug use is still prevalent.  What has changed, however, is the legal system's lack of tolerance for these behaviors, and with the help of the internet, increasingly devastating consequences of these actions upon our teens' future.

Past Presentations:

  • University Prep High School
  • UW Interfraternity Council
  • Chief Sealth High School
  • Ballard High School

This hour-long education session invites parents and teens to gain a realistic picture of the potential legal consequences of teen actions.  Experienced criminal defense attorneys from the Law Offices of Geoffrey Burg will talk about your teen's rights, the legal penalties of common teen charges such as Minor in Possession (MIP), DUIs, possession of marijuana, theft  and possible long term consequences for drivers' licenses, college admissions, funding, travel, and housing and employment, due to arrests.

Topics We Discuss

Parents are encouraged to bring their teens.  Parents and teens will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.  Specific topics to be addressed:

  • Common laws that impact teens regarding teenage driving, drinking/drug use, fake IDs.
  • Your rights when approached by the police.
  • Potential consequences to parents who provide alcohol to minors or “look the other way” when it is consumed at their home.
  • Long term consequences of arrests and or convictions.

Described as a “cautionary tale”, the presenters will provide practical information to teens and parents so they understand the real consequences and permanency of their actions on their lives.

Why We Do This

We conduct this presentation as a community service opportunity to help educate Washington State citizens to the laws of our state and to hopefully decrease the amount of criminal offenses that are committed.   We believe we have a unique perspective in representing people accused of crimes that reaches teens in a way that "sticks" with them and will help prevent them from making poor decisions.


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