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Burg & Lantz: WA Criminal Defense
Burg & Lantz: WA Criminal Defense

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We have helped hundreds of people who are in a similar situation to you fight their charges.
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This web site is designed to give you information about the crime(s) you are facing, the expected court procedures, and the potential penalties and risks you are facing. However, this is only a beginning.

We Help People Facing all Criminal Charges

Geoffrey Burg & Patricia Fulton Attorneys are experienced in defending almost any criminal charge. As you navigate through this web site, you will notice that we have listed many Washington State criminal offenses.

We have helped people with all types of charges. No matter what charges you may be facing, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your case and options. After talking with you, if we feel there is someone who would be better able to help, we can help you connect with the best lawyer for you and your case.

Visit our Web Sites focused on Specific Charges

For some of the most common charges we have created separate web sites. We thought that providing such detailed information for each type of charge would help people facing those charges:

DUI Defense DV Defense Drug Defense MIP Defense
Hit & Run Defense Theft & Fraud Defense Reckless Driving Defense

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