Washington State Criminal Case Results

DOL v. K.S.

January 2010

Outcome: Dismissal of DOL action and pending CDL disqualification against client.

Description: Client with commercial driver's license was referred to me for the Department of Licensing hearing due to my experience with the DOL and commercial driver's licenses.   Through investigation I was able to determine that the arresting officer did not follow training and protocols when he administered the breath test to my client (even though this was never mentioned in the police report).  I was able to win a dismissal at the DOL and provide her attorney on the criminal case with this crucial information for a successful resolution.

Court: Department of Licensing

Patricia Fulton

Patricia Fulton devotes her practice to defending people accused of crimes. Recognized as a "Super Lawyer" by Washington Law and Politics, Patricia has earned a reputation as an articulate, thoughtful, and passionate advocate.