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State of Washington v. M.W.

Outcome: Hung Jury, charges reduced to reckless driving

Description: Second offense DUI, client was facing 45 days in jail and 90 days of electronic home monitoring. Prosecutor would make no offers on the case, requiring us to go to trial. At the end of the trial, the jury deliberated for almost 4 hours, but could not reach a decision - 3 were for guilty, 3 were for not guilty. The judge declared a mistrial. Instead of a second jury trial the prosecutor offered a reduction of charges to reckless driving. My client was very happy to accept this offer. We also won the Department of Licensing hearing - saving a two year license suspension.

Court: Snohomish County District Court, South Division

Geoffrey Burg

Geoffrey Burg is a highly rated criminal defense attorney. Geoff has over 18 years experience defending people, writing legal publications and is a regular presenter at continuing legal education seminars. Geoff also lobbies on behalf of WACDL for people accused of crimes and fought for several bills to protect the rights of people accused of crimes.

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