Washington State Criminal Case Results

State of Washington V. R.S.

Charges: Reckless driving

Outcome: Dismissal

Description:  Client was on a motorcycle and was seen doing a two wheelies when getting onto I-5 North.  Police officer saw this and thought client was driving recklessly.   We were able to explain to the officer that the wheelie occurred as part of an equipment malfunction.  Prosecutor may or may not have believed this, but was willing to have the case amended to a civil, non-moving violation that would not create a criminal record and would not cause any insurance problems.

Court: Pierce County District Court #1

Geoffrey Burg

Geoffrey Burg is a highly rated criminal defense attorney. Geoff has over 18 years experience defending people, writing legal publications and is a regular presenter at continuing legal education seminars. Geoff also lobbies on behalf of WACDL for people accused of crimes and fought for several bills to protect the rights of people accused of crimes.