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Each client’s matter is unique. The results of any matter are determined by the relevant facts and applicable law. Past results are not a guarantee that your matter will be resolved similarly to the results here.

With that said, we truly believe there is hope in each and every case and we do our best to get great results for our clients.

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  • DOL v. A.V.

    Outcome: License suspension pending against client's license dismissed. Description: Client retained me for only the DOL hearing (had a public defender for the criminal case).  Successfully argued several issues at the hearing and the case was dismissed due to the fact that the arresting officer... Read On

  • Department of Licensing v. S.C.

    Description:  Department of Licensing action against clients driver's license dismissed for failure to meet the four elements required by law. Read On

  • DOL v. C.E.

    May 2012

    Outcome: Department of Licensing suspension dismissed. Description: Client retained me only for the Department of Licensing hearing and was represented by a public defender in the criminal case.  I successfully argued to the DOL that my client had questions about her implied consent warnings tha... Read On

  • DOL v. K.T.

    December 2010

    Outcome:  Dismissal of DOL action and pending CDL disqualification. Description:  Client with commercial driver's license retained me to handle the department of licensing hearing.   Client was facing a one year disqualification of his CDL and an inability to continue to work as a commercial dri... Read On

  • DOL v. K.S.

    January 2010

    Outcome: Dismissal of DOL action and pending CDL disqualification against client. Description: Client with commercial driver's license was referred to me for the Department of Licensing hearing due to my experience with the DOL and commercial driver's licenses.   Through investigation I was able... Read On

  • City v. D.A.

    Outcome: Won DOL hearing and negotiated criminal charge of DUI refusal down to a non-criminal traffic infraction. Description: Client was charged with driving under the influence and refusing to perform a breath test.  Through investigation and use of expert witnesses we were able to show that d... Read On

  • State of Washington v. A.O.

    Outcome: Criminal charge of DUI reduced to traffic infraction. Description: Client from out of state retained me to represent him on a DUI he received while traveling in Washington.  I was able to negotiate to have the case reduced to a traffic infraction of negligent driving second degree due t... Read On

  • City of Seattle v. L.M.

    Charges: Hit & Run Attended Vehicle Outcome: Charges dismissed after 2 years. Description: Client had an accident on West Seattle Bridge and did not stay at the scene and give proper documentation.  The client was later identified by a photo montage and admitted to this.  He was charged wit... Read On

  • City of Seattle v. L.W.

    Charges: Hit and Run Attended. Outcome: Charges dismissed. Description: Client hit another car in Belltown and fled the scene.  Police showed up at apartment soon thereafter and the driver confessed.  Case was dismissed through a compromise of misdemeanor, this meant that the driver paid for ... Read On

  • State of Washington v. D.C.

    Charges: Hit and Run Attended and Reckless Driving Outcome: Hit and Run charges dismissed; reckless driving reduced to the civil infraction of negligent driving 2nd degree. Description: Client intentionally hit another car on I-405 during heavy traffic and then fled the scene.  Client charg... Read On

  • City of Seattle v. J.V.

    Charges:Hit and Run - Unattended Vehicle Outcome: Charges dismissed. Description: Client hit several cars and a fence on the way home.  Client went inside his/her home and would not answer the door when the police came.  This is perfectly legal as the police did not have a warrant and there ... Read On

  • City of Seattle v. H.G.

    Charges: Hit and Run Property Damage. Outcome: Charges dismissed. Description: Client was on his way home and hit a traffic signal.  Client left the vehicle there and walked home.  Father of the driver came back to talk to the officer.  Father went home and brought the driver.  The driver adm... Read On

  • City of Seattle v. T.C.

    Charges: Hit and Run Unattended Vehicle. Outcome: Charges dismissed. Description: Driver hit a parked vehicle, causing damage and did not leave any identification.  Driver later admitted to this.  The case was dismissed pursuant to a "compromise of misdemeanor" whereby the driver paid for the... Read On

  • City of Edmonds v. C.W.

    Outcome: All charges against defendant dismissed. Description: Client accused of domestic violence assault, interfering with reporting of a 911 call and malicious property destruction.  I was able to show significant inconsistencies in witness accounts of the incident and the prosecution acknowl... Read On

  • City of Kent v. Z. N.

    Outcome: Dismissal of DV malicious mischief charge. Description: Client with immigration concerns charged with property destruction based on an incident in which the client was a victim of assault.  Prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charge against my client after investigation and negotiations. Read On

  • City v. N.B.

    Outcome: Charge of assault 4 DV dismissed with prejudice. Description:  Client accused of assaulting her husband.  When unusual circumstances of the incident were investigated and presented to the prosecutor, the charge was dismissed against my client. Read On

  • City v. M. E.

    Outcome: Assault domestic violence charge against client dismissed. Description: Client with significant professional and licensing concerns if convicted or placed on any probation was accused of assaulting his wife.  When negotiations did not result in a disposition that client could accept, we... Read On

  • City v. R.H.

    Outcome:  DV assault charge against client dismissed. Description:  Client accused of assaulting husband.  Client was not a citizen and very concerned about immigration consequences for a conviction.  Through negotiations, prosecutor was persuaded to dismiss the charge against my client. Read On

  • City v. J.P.

    Outcome:  Dismissal of all charges against client. Description:  Client accused of domestic violence assault and harassment by ex spouse who was politically connected and very motivated for defendant to be convicted.  After having original prosecution attorney who filed charges recused for poten... Read On

  • City v. R.S.

    Outcome: Charge of domestic violence assault dismissed at readiness hearing. Description: Client accused of assaulting his girlfriend in an incident that resulted in a physical confrontation with a bystander.  My client was significantly injured by the bystander.  Through investigation we were a... Read On

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